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Sports Bar Madness

With travel restrictions being what they are these days, crossing the pond to get a pint at an authentic UK pub can be well...complicated. Luckily, patrons who enjoy watching the big game at ye old pub don't need to go overseas to enjoy a bit of sport and ale thanks to downtown establishments have brought the look and feel of the international pub scene to the city streets of San Antonio. Here are a few to consider for your next pub crawl.
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FIESTA 2021: Fewer events, same great party atmosphere

The enduring tradition of FIESTA in San Antonio is proof you can't keep a great festival-or a great city-down. This year's schedule of events, the majority of which were moved from April to this month, is smaller but the party atmosphere is as big as ever with a pared-down array of city-wide activities, music, food and fun that's sure to satisfy Fiesta lovers and get you out of the house and dancing in the streets. Here are some highlights:

I’ll Have What They’re Having: Where celebrities eat, shop & play in SA

[pg. 21] Catching a glimpse of the stars doesn’t always require a telescope nor does it have to mean booking a ticket to Hollywood. The stars are just as bright in Texas, where celebrities like Dave Chappelle, Ariana Grande and “Weird Al” Yankovic have recently been spotted in San Antonio taking in some of the food, fun and festivities the city has to offer. If you’ve ever wondered where the A-listers like to eat, shop and relax in the River City, read on for local and national celeb go-to spots.

Don Pierce, a pioneer in developing concept of the music album, dies

Country music star George Jones remembered Pierce as a man who knew the record business. He said Pierce promoted country artists when industry critics felt the advent of rock 'n' roll had all but stamped it out. "He was very good at what he did," Jones said. "He knew how to promote. A lot of people don't know his name but they should, because he's one of the pioneers that did so much for broaden country music. People like him proved what country music could do and how much people liked it."

Meet Rita Weaver: Deliverance Minister & Founder, Shut the Door Ministries

[Feature Article, Pg. 4] There is a rule of thumb in journalism that a reporter should report the story, not become part of it. But any journalist who’s been at this for a while will tell you there are times when, if you want to get to the heart of an issue, getting involved is inevitable. And sometimes, as in the case of ministry founder Rita Weaver, seemingly accidental. But there are no accidents with God.
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